May 2015

“Grid Show”

Nine Seattle artists who have been meeting every month for ten years to critique each other’s art, offer advice and network have created works on the same theme – The Grid.


The Seattle artists are: Linda M. Brooks, Suzan Fant, Margaret Liston, Joan Stuart Ross, Ellen Rutledge, Karin Schminke, Judy Talley, Kappy Trigg, and Joan Wrench.

(view artist gallery)

Also participating are a selected group of Museo artists presenting works on the same theme. Included will be the works of: Danielle Bodine, Inge Roberts, Joseph Pentheroudakis, Nancy Loorem-Adams, Patti King and Jennifer Umphress.



Images starting from top left: Linda M. Brooks “Don’t Pick the Roses, Joan Stuart Ross “Demographica – Boats”, Joan Wrench “What’s the Secret Password?”, Suzan Fant “Sew What?! No. 1”, Karin Schminke “Aspirations of the Whole #1”, Ellen Rutledge “Fifty Four”, Kappy Trigg “Acrobat”, Judy Talley “Knobs and Bumps” detail, Margaret Liston “My Hens Are All Cackling”

The show opens with an artists’ reception Saturday, May 2nd from 5 to 7 pm.

The exhibit runs through May 31, 2015.


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